Telemedicine is a growing movement connecting patients with their doctor online and Resolutions Med Spa and Chiropractic is among those leading the way into the future of medical service. Technology has advanced sufficiently that in-person visits by the patient to the doctor or vice-versa that are not always practical, or even sometimes necessary, can be facilitated effectively through the use of video conferencing.

As early as 1925 telemedicine was being considered as a possibility. In fact, according to Smithsonian Magazine,

“In the February, 1925 issue of Science and Invention Gernsback wrote an article that would combine his fascination with the future of radio communications and predict a device for the year 1975 that we still don’t see in any practical household form today.

Gernsback’s device was called the “teledactyl” and would allow doctors to not only see their patients through a viewscreen, but also touch them from miles away with spindly robot arms. He effectively predicted telemedicine, though with a weirder twist than we see implemented…” today.

It sounds funny now but much of that predicted interaction is possible through teleconferencing technology that has developed to the point that almost everyone has the ability to “face time” right in the palm of their hand.

What this means is that any patient can have access to their doctor quickly and easily from almost anywhere in the world and even when they may not feel well enough to rise from their bed.

Resolutions Med Spa & Chiropractic is now making telemedicine services available. Contact us today to learn more about how you and your family can take advantage of this cutting edge technology.

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