Cucumber Crown – $45

This tranquil treatment accesses the higher chakras (in the eye and forehead area) by balancing the spirit the body is calmed. Promotes deep relaxation decreases puffy eyes and soothes the nervous system. Combines with a toning foot massage you’ll be perfect head to toe.


Lemon Lift – $ 45

Fresh lemon applied to the sole of the foot is a immune booster. The therapy benefits the entire circulatory system promoting a feeling of buoyancy and well being. Individuals with tired achy feet are soon dancing.

Salt Glow – $75

Back only.

This rejuvenating body therapy provides nutrients directly into your largest organ – the skin. Concentrating on the spinal column with gentle applications of hot towels, cleansing mineral salts and aroma therapy oils, the entire body reaps the benefit of this sedative restoring technique.

Salt Glow Deluxe – $105

Back, arms, legs.

This Rolls Royce Spa Treatment is 90 minutes of healthful sensations. It rebalances the nervous system, cleanses the immune system and allows the mind to drift and replenish.