Body Balance – The Structure of Life

Massage by Brandy Rain, LMT

Relaxation is a rare commodity in this current climate. When our physical, mental and emotional needs are not met, imbalance is created in the body. As these needs continue to be unresolved the body will express dis – ease. Brief yet required periods of joy and maintenance for your physical, mental and emotional health are essential for optimal well-being. In our current fast paced society Massage Therapy is an active and effective treatment for stress. Muscle tension held in the body causes poor performance of the skeletal and nervous system, thus influencing all organs of the body. Stress may manifest as pain, anxiety and fatigue. The deep relaxation achieved during massage therapy alleviates these conditions. As we rebuild harmony, by invigorating the nerve pathways and cellular tissue, the Body Balance is reintegrated and thus restores the Structure of Life.

Treatments options include

  • Swedish – Traditionally most popular in American culture, benefits the cardio-vascular system, revitalizing or sedating – depending on treatment preference.
  • Sports – Athletes prefer this vigorous treatment. It activates the cleansing and regeneration of soft tissue structure.
  • Neuro-Muscular – Most widely used by physicians and chiropractors for treatment of traumatic injuries. Postural reintegration, release of tension, pain relief and improvement of joint mobility. Calming to tight muscles and frazzled nerves.
  • Acupressure – With its origin based in China, this treatment deals with the total individual. Proper function is maintained by addressing nerve plexus in the body.
  • Reflexology – A compression technique initiating a reflex action. Aides in reversing stress and giving balance. General treatment areas are feet and hands.
  • Shiatsu Therapy – Japanese ancient wisdom. A prevention of disease that involves pressure points and joints of the body.