Discover the Underlying Cause and get Natural Treatment

Look no further than ReSolutions Med Spa & Chiropractic as your trusted source for pain management, personal injury and total health. Cedar Hill chiropractor and adult nurse practitioner Dr. Lesa Ansell looks for the source of your pain to prevent it from affecting other parts of your body. What may start as mild aching, back pain or neck pain could eventually result in recurrences of headaches and migraines. At our clinic we offer the latest advancements and techniques to help you reach your goals for optimizing health and well-being. We know that stressful factors or injuries of everyday life can contribute to spinal misalignment, neck pain, and headaches and migraines. Our caring doctor will ask questions about your daily routine to determine an integrative wellness plan to provide pain relief from head and neck pain. This plan will incorporate your current concerns for pain management as well as preventive measures for overall health.

Pain Management for Headaches & Migraines Wellness Program

Headaches can affect our vision, focus and concentration, often keeping us from the activities we love most. Your chiropractic care plan will incorporate regular spinal adjustments to assist all of the associated structures to communicate more properly and remove subluxations. Our Cedar Hill chiropractor may perform traction, soft tissue manipulation and recommend stretches for your personal injury. For your advanced care, Dr. Ansell will prescribe specialized at-home corrective exercises to complement your care program. These personalized techniques will assist with acute discomfort and your plan for prevention while keeping your headache pain in check.

Headaches and migraines can be triggered by everyday aspects of your wellness such as nutrition and diet. While physical adjustments are a large part of your overall well-being, what you feed your body either promotes or slows recovery and prevention. As we provide adjustments and your body is in motion, this is the perfect time to add specialized supplements and foods for increased health. Dr. Ansell will advise on which dietary considerations are most appropriate for your case, and which foods to avoid.

Whether it is the result of a personal injury, neck pain that has worsened over time or personal lifestyle choices that may need improving, the chiropractic lifestyle will offer you both immediate relief as well as preventive measures required to strengthen over time. When misalignment or subluxation within the spinal column occurs, muscles, tendons, ligaments and soft tissues are all affected. They may become inflamed, overstretched, strained and tightened; leaving you with the experience of constant discomfort or pain.

A subluxation occurs when the brain and spinal column experience an error in communication. Dr. Ansell will evaluate the underlying cause of pain by performing a comprehensive postural alignment screening along with asking questions about your lifestyle. She will implement a personalized plan to remove and reduce acute pain and prevent it from occurring further.

We look forward to becoming your Cedar Hill health clinic today. If you’re ready to move beyond personal injury, back pain, neck pain, headaches and migraines we’re ready to provide the relief you deserve now!